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Diegueño Spring Festival is on!
May 12, 5:00-7:00pm

Parents, we need your help!

Let's make this an amazing event for everyone.


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OCTOBER 25-29, 2021


Red Ribbon Week was a great success! We hope that this anti-drug, anti-vaping and anti-alcohol campaign will continue with you at home every chance you get. Here are some Highlights from the week:



Students were asked to solve a crime! Here is the scene that was set - a crashed car, an Ebike, outline of victim, unclipped helmet, and bottle of “booze”. First responders were on the scene. Students had to “Solve the Crime” by answering a series of questions. Students then submitted their answers and 5 of the students who solved the crime correctly were rewarded. The correct cause - The Ebiker was impaired, driving erratically, causing the car to swerve and crash. We hope students understood the importance of being safe and sober whether in a car or on an Ebike!

Other events included:

  • TUNE OUT DRUGS AND ALCOHOL - students submitted inspirational words to share with their classmates after listening to a series of songs.

  •  POPCORN BELONGS IN YOUR STOMACH NOT YOUR LUNGS - students learned the dangers of vaping through posters and handouts, while also getting to enjoy a bag of popcorn. 

  • SHOOT FOR A HEALTHY LIFE - encouraged living a healthy life and the best version of yourself. Students shot a mini-basketball into a hoop and had to determine if the picture with the hoop was something healthy or not. Parent volunteers engaged the students in conversation on their answers and gave prizes!

  • MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVERS - MADD representatives brought their special goggles for students to understand the dangers of being impaired. 


We owe special thanks to so many community members:

  •  Officer Juan Escobar (a former DNO student) who helped secure the crashed vehicle and spoke to all the students to help solve the “crime.”

  • Road One Tow Truck Company for delivering the crashed vehicle to the school.

  • Engine 234 of the Encinitas Fire Station at Village Park and American Medical Response. FireFighter Wes Nelson and Paramedic Eric Nixon and all of the uniformed first responders were like celebrities on campus!

  • Thank you Chad Delude of Cardiff Station #1 for organizing the presence of these heroes!

  • San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and Crime Specialist George Hernandez for setting up a booth

  • Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD). MADD played an essential role on campus.

  • Thank you to the many Parent Volunteers who helped to welcome our guests, provide lunch, support the stations, and interact with the students. 

  • The ASB Students & Mrs. Gaddi, Ms. Missy for helping to coordinate, Mrs. Dolnik & Mrs. Kramer, and all of the amazing Cougar staff for their help and support! 


To everyone involved - Your dedication to keeping kids safe is greatly appreciated! The many questions you answered, stories you told, and examples you gave to encourage students to stay safe and make healthy choices will be memorable for students. And, of course, running the lights and sirens on the firetruck was fun for the students (and the adults!). 


We always express our appreciation for the Cougar Community, but it truly took on a whole new meaning as we welcomed so many who were here in the interest of helping our students make good choices! 


Click here for a fun recap of the day. Thank you for all of your support!!

Crime Scene Investigation "Diegueño"
Crime Scene Investigation "Diegueño"

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Officer Juan Escobar (former DNO student)
Officer Juan Escobar (former DNO student)

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Crime Scene Investigation "Diegueño"
Crime Scene Investigation "Diegueño"

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