Welcome to the Diegueno Middle School Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA)

Diegueno’s PTSA brings together parents, teachers and students to work toward the common goal of supporting your child's educational path. The PTSA strives to enhance educational experiences by creating an atmosphere where students, teachers and administrators can do their best work.


What do our memberships and donations fund?

Your memberships and donations support programs in TEE; Technology, Environment and Experiences.


Technology:  We provide funds that go towards purchasing and updating Chrome Books (laptops) and accessories (mice) for both 7th and 8th graders.  PTSA also supports the needs for instructive and educational software programs, equipment, and supplies.

Environment:  PTSA focuses on health and wellness for our Diegueno students including campus improvements (ex. shade structures, benches, air conditioning, etc.), student run environmental initiatives (ex. recycling programs), social and emotional programs (ex. internet security, anti-bullying, inclusion), and physical fitness (equipment & programs).

Experiences:  We provide funds for teachers and administrators to use creative options for our students to experience meaningful and educational experiences.  These include field trips, guest speakers, assemblies, dance, art, music, theater, multi media, languages and cultural experiences.  

Catch that Cougar Pride!




Meet the DNO PTSA Board for 2019-20!



Kirsten Recce

VP Fundraising

Miracle Martello

VP Membership

Casey Ladd


Cindi Larson

VP Events (Hospitality)

Andrea Lyons


Rachel Sweigart

Parliamentarian (appointed)

Julie Silva


Keegan Ruchdaschel

VP Communications

Kendra Goodall


Kelson Splavec

Diegueno Middle School PTSA

2150 Village Park Way, Encinitas, CA  92024

Phone:  760-944-1892